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The market has changed in many different ways in the last 3 years, but few professions have been as affected as much as those involved with the real estate market. Specifically, Real Estate Agents saw a complete reversal in their market almost overnight from a “Seller’s Market”, where commissions came easy and financing was easy for buyers to get, to a market that is saturated with homes that few can afford to either buy or hold on to.

The realtors that have found success in this new market have done so by doing their best to stand out from the pack while staying connected to potential buyers and sellers in every possible way they can. Specifically, the popularity of social media and internet marketing in recent years has made some real estate professionals practically household names, while at the same time isolating those agents slower to adapt to this new form of communication. One real world example of this is the success that realtor Dale Chumbley of Vancouver, WA had after starting a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to his hometown and local real estate market. As of writing this post, the fan page currently has over 16,000 fans! Just think about the kind of impact this has had on his business!

Here at Summit Strategic Visions, we not only understand the hard reality of today’s market, we create products to help business and entrepreneurs easily harness the power of social media and internet marketing without spending too much. Many of our tools can be used to help real estate agents get the word out about their listings and we do build custom websites, but two of our services designed exclusively for Real Estate Agent are our Fan Page for Real Estate product and Realty Promo Videos.

Fan Page Domination for Real Estate
This Package offers all the bells and whistles of our normal Fan Page Domination Product, but with the addition of some very cool and useful tabs that make this perfect for the Real Estate Professional that wants to stand out from the crowd. Get a Fan Gate Page for more likes, feature your listings, and even show market data, there's so many things a realtor could use we'll even give you an extra tab free! Learn More.
Available Qty: 37

Realty Promo Videos [Click the image below to learn more]

tech savvy realtor Without content, social media and internet marketing is little more than an infrastructure of imaginary links. That’s why we take the most important piece of content a realtor has -their listing(s), and turn it in to dynamic content that has the capacity to be viral! This fully customized video will show your listings in the best possible light while giving you something that is perfect to share and be shared all across the internet. Plus, included with a subscription to Realty Promo Videos is access to an exclusive membership area where you will learn all the best internet marketing tips and tricks that can affect your business.

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